Warmists Think We’re Stupid

October 4, 2011 09:15

[L]ike any cult, is that it posits a doomsday scenario if we don’t follow their dangerous prescriptions.

By at American Spectator


Whether it is cyanide-laced Kool Aid or the economic equivalent (were we to follow the cap-and-trade crowd), the “cure” is not only worse than the so-called problem but premised on the idea that people are stupid.

But if you really want to scare people into wasting their lives on public transport or sleeping in uncomfortably cold houses during the winter or subsidizing Solyndra, you have to make them think that human life is directly at stake.

For that reason, it defies common sense to believe that man-made global warming, even if it were real, would have the devastating impact that its anti-capitalist, wealth-redistributionist proponents claim.

Now we have the results of a much broader study, commissioned by the Reason Foundation, which points in exactly this same direction of adaptability.

That is why their “solutions” all involve two things: Curbing energy usage and production (which is to say, curbing humans’ standard of living), and redistributing wealth from richer people and richer nations to poorer people and poorer nations.

Reason’s new study is just confirmation of what we all know in our gut: that “climate change,” even if it were partially caused by man, is not the threat the left claims and not to be responded to by cutting our own economic throats, whether by cap-and-trade policies or by incinerating billions of dollars on the altar of “green energy” as our savior.


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