Who lost the world? The unraveling of the globe under Obama’s watch

October 28, 2011 06:29

[T]he way things are going, by November 2012, we may see the Mideast – and perhaps other parts of the planet – plunged into a cataclysmic war. – Center for Security Policy

By Frank Gaffney, Jr. at Center for Security Policy


Abdul-Jalil said shariah would be the “basic source” of all legislation. Translation: Forget about representative democracy.  Under shariah, Allah makes the laws, not man.

In short, the result of Mr. Obama’s $2 billion dollar expenditure to oust Gadhafi is a regime that will be led by jihadists, controls vast oil reserves and has inherited a very substantial arsenal (although some of it – including reportedly as many as 20,000 surface-to-air missiles – has “gone missing.”)  This scarcely can be considered a victory for the United States and will probably prove a grave liability.

Meanwhile in Egypt, the agenda of the Islamists’ mother ship – the Muslim Brotherhood – is being adopted even before elections formally bring it to power.  The interim military government has abetted efforts to punish and even kill the Coptic Christian minority.  It has facilitated the arming of the Brotherhood’s franchise in Gaza, Hamas, and allowed the Sinai to become the launching pad for al Qaeda and others’ attacks on Israel.

Add to this litany an emboldened and ascendant China, a revanchist Russia once again under the absolute control of Vladimir Putin, a Mexico free-falling into civil war with narco-traffickers and their Hezbollah allies on our southern border and you get a world that is fraught with peril for the United States.


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