California’s High-Speed Train Wreck

November 3, 2011 15:42

“I don’t think you could dream up a bigger boondoggle than this, even if you tried.” “But the problem is everyone’s hand is now in the cookie jar . . . and they’re buying off every lobbyist and consultant that they can in California, so the corruption has reached a whole new level.”

Philip Klein at The Heartlander


Though logic would suggest it would make sense to kill the project altogether, if the state were to do that, it would have to forgo $3.5 billion in stimulus money that’s already been directed to it.

The initial 130-mile stretch of the system is supposed to be built in the less-inhabited Central Valley at a cost of $8.8 billion, partially funded with stimulus money.

But that would only pay for the tracks themselves, which won’t even be running high-speed trains until more of the system is built. According to the San Jose Mercury News, taxpayers would be paying to “provide a 45-minute shortcut for the 3,000 riders on Amtrak’s San Joaquin line.”


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