Illegal Immigration Foe Recalled in Arizona

November 16, 2011 06:47

“The bottom line is we have an arrogant, out-of-control federal government that is not enforcing the laws and we are the recipients of being terrorized, robbed, and murdered.  It costs the taxpayers in the tune of $1.6 billion a year out of an $8.5-billion budget.  The federal government needs to stand up and do its job.” – American Thinker

By Elise Cooper at American Thinker


Pearce’s opponents were very smart in masking the true reason behind the recall, and tried to concentrate on smearing Pearce as a corrupt politician with a one-issue focus, illegal immigration.  Anita Christy, a conservative Arizona blogger (, wants Americans to understand that the left funded the Pearce recall because they wanted his defeat to be seen as a referendum on SB 1070.

Senator Russell Pearce is Enemy #1 to the Left, which should be reason enough to keep him in office for a very long time.”  Senator Pearce bluntly stated that his loss was due to “my supporters not showing up, the mass media beating me up every day in the papers by taking cheap shots, moderate Mormons voting against me, and Lewis, who was essentially the Democratic candidate.

The constituents who now have Jerry Lewis as their state senator should be very alarmed, considering that he told American Thinker, “The majority of these people coming across, taking the criminals out of the equation, want a better life and are willing to risk their lives to provide for their families.  Typically they are faith-based, they believe in G-d, are family-valued, and have an incredible work ethic — doesn’t that sound like a Republican to you?”  Actually, he left out one important value: most Republicans follow the rule of law.


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