Obama Buffett deal to stop pipeline?

November 8, 2011 06:54

Thousands of jobs and cheaper energy with a big boost to the economy would result from the Keystone pipeline. Even Obama’s unions want it. So why won’t Obama let it be built? Could it be a deal with Warren Buffet? An old fashioned pay to play Chicago way deal?

Could it be that Warren Buffet asked him not to? Buffet bought Burlington Northern railroad which owns 1,000 miles of track in North Dakota. The ND oil boom is so great that shipping the oil out is the problem. Buffet’s railroad is cashing in big bucks transporting all the oil. The Keystone pipeline could transport that oil much cheaper than rail.

Could Buffet have traded “tax the rich” support for no pipeline? With this corrupt pay for play administration it is likely. The longer its delayed the more money Obama billionaire bud Warren Buffett makes.

Bernie Marcus co-founder of Home Depot asks Cavuto why.

Fox News clip from usACTIONnews.com Youtube channel 11-8-11:

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