Sheriff Paul Babeu – Mexico wants to extradite Fast & Furious culprits

November 4, 2011 05:50

Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu railed against AG Holder and DHS Napolitano. On the phone with NRA’s Cam Edwards Babeu also noted that Mexico wants to extradite those responsible for the gun running scandal Fast and Furious that allowed US weapons to be smuggled to Mexican drug cartels resulting in the death of hundreds of Mexicans and at least one US border patrol agent.

30 congressmen are calling for AG Eric Holder’s firing. Will he be extradited to stand trial in Mexico? Not likely but the deaths of hundreds of Mexicans is a result of over zealous anti-gun nuts in the Obama administration trying to actually increase US weapons in the hands of violent drug cartels so that they could then point to the US weapons in Mexico as justification for US gun restrictions.

Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu explains in this interview from NRAVideos:

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