Top New Hampshire Newspaper Endorses Gingrich

November 28, 2011 08:38

The New Hampshire Union Leader, the state’s largest and most influential conservative newspaper endorsed Newt for president Sunday 11/27.

In their endorsement, they wrote:

“America is at a crucial crossroads. It is not going to be enough to merely replace Barack Obama next year. We are in critical need of the innovative, forward-looking strategy and positive leadership that Gingrich has shown he is capable of providing.

He did so with the Contract with America. He did it in bringing in the first Republican House in 40 years and by forging balanced budgets and even a surplus despite the political challenge of dealing with a Democratic President. A lot of candidates say they’re going to improve Washington. Newt Gingrich has actually done that, and in this race he offers the best shot of doing it again.”

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