Demorats desert stinking ship – Nelson latest to flee

December 28, 2011 06:38

Sen. Ben Nelson becomes the latest to flee the coming wrath of angry citizens as the results of three years of Obama’s destructive polices begin to kick in.

Nelson is best known as being the deciding vote in the passage of the healthcare bill fiasco called Obamacare. He cut a deal for Nebraska aptly named the “cornhusker” which is the epitome of back room dealing that characterized the passage of the unpopular bill which has caused health insurance premiums to rise by nine percent already. Nelson was booed out of a local pizza parlor by his constituents after his capitulation to the radical leftist agenda of Obama and his fellow Democrats.

The people’s approval of congress has fallen to record low levels even as prominent Democrats boast of their accomplishments in passing massive bills which nobody has read. Democrat’s railed against increasing the debt when Bush was president but ran up an additional five trillion in debt in the six years they controlled both the house and the senate.

The Democrat base is reaching nirvana with industry crushing EPA regulations, billions of taxpayer dollars bailing out unions and billions more being wasted on Obama supporters “green” energy companies.

Nelson joins other prominent Democrats:  sixteen term congressman Barney Frank; seven-term Charles Gonzalez; and Chris Dodd from the last congress. While Frank and Dodd likely fled brewing scandals and corruption, Nelson is seeing the handwriting on the wall as over 70% of Americans say the country is on the wrong track.

Record numbers of Americans on food stamps, perpetual high unemployment and government policies guaranteed to extend the misery even while piling up mountains of debt have angered Americans. The people are waking up to the self aggrandizing and outright theft of taxpayer funds from this and future generations.

While the Republicans have their share of corruption and old bulls who care more about power than the people, there is at least a cadre of conservatives trying to save the Republic from suicidal socialism of Obama and the Democrats.

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