Kudlow – Obama Policies Seem Calculated To Kill Jobs

December 16, 2011 08:07

As we’ve said many times before, Obama does not really care about jobs. Its just talk for the media and the campaign. Look at what he DOES! Lawrence Kudlow of CNBC’s Kudlow Report is waking up to the reality of Obama’s anti-capitalist Marxist policies.

By Lawrence Kudlow at IBD Editorials


The payroll-tax-cut debate is not really about the payroll tax, which is a very weak-kneed economic stimulant and a lackluster job creator because of its temporary nature. Without permanent incentives at lower tax rates, these rebates don’t do anything for growth and jobs.

These are ideological positions. They support the Obama vision of class warfare and his attachment to radical environmentalism.

By siding with the radical greenies and standing against the Keystone pipeline, Obama has turned his back on the most traditional voting bloc in the Democratic Party: blue-collar, hard-hat workers.

How can you have a jobs bill without putting blue-collar workers back to work? Answer: stubborn ideological insistence.

And we’re not just talking about the 20,000 jobs that would accrue directly from the pipeline, but the secondary and tertiary jobs from a long supply chain that total well over 100,000.

His manic support of clean energy — just think Solyndra — has blocked out any rational evaluation of the ongoing importance of oil and natural gas — including the oil-and-gas-shale fracking revolution that has become a huge jobs creator in North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Texas and elsewhere.

The Obama administration recently shut down the Utica shale field in Ohio because of an Agriculture Department objection. Two-hundred-thousand jobs are at stake.



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