Newt and the Judges

December 27, 2011 06:37

The left wants America to believe that federal courts protect our rights because through federal courts, the left can cram its radical agenda down our throats. If we do not tame the federal bench, no conservative revolution can ever succeed.


By Bruce Walker at American Thinker



Gingrich is not the only Republican candidate who wants to control our imperial judiciary, though; Rick Perry, for his part, wants constitutional amendments which would limit lifetime judicial tenure and give Congress the power to override judicial decisions.  Yet unlike Perry, Gingrich knows that no constitutional amendment is needed.


Can arbitrary and capricious use of judicial power be grounds for impeachment?  Of course!  And who, exactly, determines when judges step far enough out of line to merit impeachment?  The House of Representatives alone — and then, during the trial, the Senate alone — determines the guilt or innocence of the impeached federal official.


The greater myth is that federal courts have helped civil liberties.


Newt Gingrich has proposed a straightforward and proper means of restoring government to the people and their elected officials.  Rather than scurry in timid fear of an angry establishment, we ought to embrace his plan.




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