Obama is No Friend of the Middle Class

December 30, 2011 10:14

The slowest economic recovery in modern American history is a direct result of Obama’s policies. .. It’s not just spending that would make the drunken sailor blush that has sapped the strength of the economic recovery. It is also every other important policy aspect of the Obama reign.


By on 12.30.11 at American Spectator


So, let’s think about what Obama has done for, or — more precisely — to, the middle class.

Unemployment, the single most important economic statistic for the middle class, spiked to over 10 percent before recently “improving” to 8.6 percent (with December data due out Friday, January 6). The last time unemployment was this high was in 1983, coming out of the Jimmy Carter recession.


The administration’s doomed-to-fail Keynesian economic approach is based on assuming that Americans, and especially entrepreneurs, are stupid.


What could be worse for employment growth than health care “reform” that penalizes employers for reaching 50 employees?


But this isn’t just a job killer. It’s a middle class killer.

“According to EPA’s Regulatory Impact Analysis, the final Utility MACT rule will increase electricity rates by up to 6 percent in some regions of the U.S. When combined with CSAPR, electricity rates are expected to increase by up to 23 percent in some areas.


This is no accident. Barack Obama is on record supporting electricity prices that “necessarily skyrocket” due to his policies.


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