Patriots to Rally Tuesday as Holder Plans Major Announcement on Voting Laws

December 12, 2011 06:50

When you witness Holder’s contempt for the rule of law, his disdain for enforcing civil rights and voting laws equally regardless of the race of the victim, and his disdain toward members of Congress, this quote explains a great deal.

by J. Christian Adams at


On Tuesday, Americans will have a rare chance to voice their disdain of the corruption and lies flowing from this Justice Department.  They will have a chance to speak out against the radical and racialist law enforcement priorities of this Justice Department.

The Fast and Furious scandal isn’t the only mess overseen by Eric Holder.  His entire tenure has been characterized by racialist radicalism, disguised to some critics as mere incompetence.  But it is far worse than incompetence, and to think otherwise is a mistake. From the dismissal of the voter intimidation case against racist anti-Semitic New Black Panther thugs, to the Mirandizing of battlefield captures in Afghanistan, Holder has presided over a systemic radicalization of the most powerful federal agency.  This isn’t incompetence.  It is radicalism.

Many in Washington remain unconvinced of the extent of the destructive radicalism permeating this administration, and particularly the DOJ.  In the speeches I give around the country, I lament that I wish Bill Clinton was still President.  These are not your grandfather’s democrats.  These are not just liberals.  From bringing cases to force schools to allow child transvestites, to forcing schools to give Muslim teachers almost four weeks paid vacation for an Islamic pilgrimage, radicalism prevails.

This Tuesday at 4 p.m., in Austin, Texas, at the LBJ library, Americans tired of this sort of contempt, this racialist lawlessness, have a chance to let the Attorney General know they expect something better from high office.  See you in Austin.


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