Romney leads Gingrich among liberals

December 16, 2011 06:59

Gingrich leads among conservatives and likely GOP primary voters. – Gallup Poll

by Lydia Saad at Gallup


Newt Gingrich’s current lead in Republican preferences for the GOP presidential nomination is largely attributable to particularly high support from the types of Republicans who might be expected to turn out heavily in the upcoming primaries — older Republicans and core identifiers with the Republican Party. Roughly 40% of Republicans aged 55 and older as well as core Republicans (as opposed to independents who lean Republican) and conservatives currently favor Gingrich for the nomination. This contrasts with 21% to 23% of each group backing Mitt Romney.

Thus, even if Gingrich is tied with or a little behind Romney in surveys of Republican registered voters in various states by next month, he could theoretically still win those primaries on the basis of turnout. Romney and Paul, on the other hand, may be handicapped by the current skew in their support from younger voters and independents who lean Republican — groups that don’t currently appear to be as interested in the election.


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