Tea Party should target old bulls in House GOP

December 2, 2011 10:11

Obama and the Democrats who run the Senate are primarily responsible for out-of-control federal spending, but there are 13 old bull House Republicans who share the blame. – Washington Examiner

By: Examiner Editorial | 12/01/11 8:05 PM


Huge majorities of the American people have had it with business as usual in the nation’s capital. That’s the key underlying reason why they put Republicans back in charge of the House. Yet little has changed on Capitol Hill, which goes a long way toward explaining the single-digit public approval rating of Congress.

Out-of-control federal spending is helping drive what was once the world’s largest, most productive and liberating economy into another recession, or worse. Nothing will change until voters turn the cardinals out to pasture. The most patriotic thing the Tea Party can do in 2012 is recruit quality primary challengers capable of defeating every tone-deaf old bull, then do everything possible to elect them.


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