The Gingrich-Churchill Comparison

December 22, 2011 07:19

[I]f Republicans reject Gingrich because of his family problems, the way he makes his living, his presumed “failures” in policy in the past, or because he is so darned cocky, then we are making the same sort of mistake that the British made up until the spring of 1940, when, at last, and at the last moment, Churchill became prime minister.  In short, we will be making a fatal mistake.


By Bruce Walker at American Thinker


Consider all the baggage that Winston Churchill carried with him when he first became prime minister in 1940.  His personal life was far from normal.  Clementine Churchill had a brief affair with Terence Phillip, and she offered her fourth child with Churchill to a friend.  Sarah, the Churchills’ eldest child, committed suicide with an overdose of sleeping pills.


Reagan divorced when divorce was rare.  His daughter Patti not only took her mother’s maiden name, but would pose for Playboy.  Lincoln’s wife Mary was crazy, and Lincoln himself suffered profound depression.  It is possible that the very qualities which produce greatness in political leaders may not produce great husbands and fathers.

Great home lives do not make great leaders.  The president Reagan replaced, the hapless Jimmy Carter, has proven a wonderful husband and father, and the president we want to leave after 2012, the closet Marxist Barack Obama, seems to be a good family man.  Or, considered another way, Clinton had a dysfunctional family life but will be judged by history as a better president than Carter or Obama.


Is Gingrich the last best hope in our fight against imperialist leftism and its myriad clients?  He just might be.


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