We kill them coming in and going out – Life must be protected by the President

December 4, 2011 19:22

Millions,  including many running for President and our current President,  must believe that when a woman is pregnant she has a head of lettuce in her womb until month 9 when she amazingly gives birth to a baby.  Isn’t life magical though?

By Dr. Laurie Roth

Eventually Presidential candidates get forced into the corner they hate.  They get asked the question that separates the men from the boys,  the Constitutionalists from the ‘do what feels good’ crowd.  “Are you pro choice or pro life?”  “Do you believe in a woman’s right to choose and what about rape?”

To be fair,  some running for President have always been pro life,  but many top contenders play games with this critical issue.  They are pro choice when it fits them then magically morph into pro life when the conservative pressure is on.  It’s all to get votes you know.

Herman Cain is now saying he is planning to bow out.  He has been pro life but pro choice when pressured in the past.  Then there is Mitt Romney.   He is a total piece of compromised work.  He was pro choice from 1994-2008.  He proudly ran for Senate in Massachusetts in 1994 as a pro-choice Republican.  That very year he and his wife attended a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood.  In 2002, Romney campaigned for governor of Massachusetts as a ‘pro choice’ Republican again.  Get the picture.  Now,  magically,  the last few years he is ‘pro life’  because he thinks it is politically expedient.  Romney is no conservative.

Newt Gingrich,  now at the top of the GOP pie, told ABC News that life begins at ‘successful implantation’ not fertilization.   Is he confused about how science works?  Life begins at fertilization, as Michelle Bachman reminded us recently.  Notice the GOP establishment is shredding her,  but on life,  she is one of the few pro life candidates.

Rick Perry has been pro life during his career but was for the NAFTA Super Highway from Mexico to the US.  He also signed an executive order forcing a 3 step shot of Gardasil for 6th grade girls in Texas.    His own legislature over ruled his action.  Magically he backpedaled when the heat from this horrific decision hit him up side the head.

How important is the life issue for young and old?

I must talk plainly about this since most others running for President won’t.  I am running for President and I will.  Abortion is murder.  In the name of ‘choice’ and selfish evil,  we have murdered over 52 million babies since 1973.  I have been dizzy for years with the endless word games,  “I don’t want Government on my body”  “I am not for abortion,  but should have the right to make that choice”  or the conservative game  “I am against abortion and pro life,  except in the case of rape.”

So,  what is it?  Is life worth defending or not?  According to our Declaration of Independence,  our first right is the ‘right to life.’  Common sense and basic 101 science tells us that life happens at conception and grows from there.  Millions,  including many running for President and our current President,  must believe that when a woman is pregnant she has a head of lettuce in her womb until month 9 when she amazingly gives birth to a baby.  Isn’t life magical though?

Life and the right to live are fundamental in our Holy Bible and Declaration of Independence.  That is good enough for me.

As a conservative Independent for President of the United States.  If elected,  I vow to stop all federal funding for any abortions.  I support 1000% Mike Pence (R-IN) who sponsored HR 217 and lead in getting this passed in the House.  It would stop all federal funding to abortions.

Morally,  Constitutionally and Politically,  we should have never been in the business on any level of supporting or funding abortions.  That is simply UN American and violates the rights of our young citizens.

Lets Kill them going out as well

Not only have we desperately got it wrong with abortion since Roe vs.  Wade,  but state after state has been playing God by voting into law assisted suicide.  The state of my birth,  Oregon is one of them, I’m ashamed to say.  Now,  with Obamacare being passed, the end of life debate has gone to a funded and clear agenda.  Lets kill the seniors and disabled.  Naturally,  the Obama care bill nor Obama would dare say they want or plan to kill our seniors but that is exactly what this bill will do.

The formula is simple.  When you take what was the best health care system in the world based on Judeo Christian values and morph it from safe and effective care to ‘cost effective’ care,  you have a nightmare such as evolved in Nazi Germany.  As it is now if this horror show of this Obama care bill isn’t stopped,  seniors will have such long lines for care,  they will be practically be dead by the time they get it.  Then, when they finally get care,  they will find that the older they get the less care will be paid for.  Naturally,  forced,  end of life counseling will be paid for as will assisted suicide.

When are our leaders going to get it in their heads?  Life is precious,  authored by God,  not Government or choice.  Life is precious, regardless of age,  how healthy or unhealthy you are or what your care costs.

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