Why Washington Doesn’t Create Jobs

December 13, 2011 05:22

[T]he average cost of compliance and government regulation is approximately $10,000 per employee!  Why would you want to deal with these regulatory bodies when it’s much easier to go elsewhere with fewer restrictions, even in Communist China?

By Mark A. Skoda at American Thinker


Obama’s class warfare strategy demonstrates his lack of innovation in approaching the problem.

First, roll back regulations and restrictions on coal, oil, and gas exploration and mining and allow fast-track opening of tar sands, shale oil, gulf drilling, ANWR, and the arctic.  The industry provides directly or indirectly over 10 million jobs.  Forget the nonsense about global warming.  We have over 14 million people unemployed.

Reduce the size of government and move toward a cap on spending as a percent of GDP.  No matter the tax rates or scheme, the U.S. government has historically received approximately 18% of the GDP in income taxes.  But without a cap, the Congress and the president of both parties simply won’t resist the desire to grow government while increasing their spending.

The Department of Energy, Department of Education, Commerce Department, Health & Human Services, and Agriculture Department, along with the EPA, OSHA, and the NLRB, represent a 19th-century model, not a 21st-century administration.

Why is it that these agencies and departments continue to grow?  Why do they have overlapping authorities and objectives as detailed in the government’s own budget summaries?  And how in a modern economy should they behave to reflect global competition and a global workplace?  Eliminating the Department of Education and pushing dollars back to the local school systems is perfectly logical.  The federalization of our educational system simply doesn’t add value. The federalization of our education system does not allow for innovation or adaptation to local demographics.  And as SAT scores continue to drop, what is the DOE doing?


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