Chamber of Commerce to Obama: You ‘Missed the Biggest In-Sourcing Opportunity’ –Keystone Pipeline

January 13, 2012 09:04

While President Barack Obama has been touting the importance of “insourcing” jobs into the United States (as opposed to outsourcing jobs overseas), the U.S. Chamber of Commerce reminded America on Thursday that Obama recently rejected one of the most prominent and beneficial insourced opportunities: the Keystone XL pipeline, which would carry tar sand oil through middle America to refineries on the Gulf Coast and create at least 20,000 jobs. –


By Penny Starr January 12, 2012 at


On Thursday, at a press conference following the annual State of American Business 2012, Bruce Josten, vice president of government affairs with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, cited Obama’s announcement on Wednesday that he would “reward” businesses that bring jobs to the United States through tax credits. Josten, however, added, “The president missed the biggest in-sourcing opportunity yesterday and it’s called the Keystone Pipeline.”

“The smart thing to do would be to approve it,” Josten said, noting that the pipeline has cleared a three-year environmental review and that now politics are standing in the way of the project moving forward.

“I think we’ve already publicly stated this was a political decision,” Josten said. “This is obviously not an environmental or economic decision.” Some critics have said the pipeline was postponed until after the 2012 presidential election to appease environmentalists.


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