Despite Obama’s Failures, He Will Be Tough To Beat

January 4, 2012 12:20

It may seem absurd to imagine Barack Obama could be depicted as a champion of tax cuts, a friend of small business and the scourge of global terrorists. But by this summer, the billion-dollar Obama war chest will saturate the airwaves with such highly polished messages. – IBD


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The Obama presidency may epitomize incompetence, but his campaign will be the slickest, most vicious ever. With so much at stake for America, Republicans better be ready for war.


The New York Times last week quoted White House deputy press aide Joshua Earnest as saying Obama will, in effect, cease to be a working president as far as Congress is concerned and become a full-time campaigner.

Earnest reportedly said the Obama machine is cultivating “the image of a gridlocked, dysfunctional Congress and a president who is leaving no stone unturned to try to find solutions to the difficult financial challenges and economic challenges facing the country.”


But the polls showed a hefty, if temporary, bump in popularity for Obama after House Republicans were outmaneuvered on a payroll tax-cut extension last month.


Against all this, Republicans will only win with a forceful, crystal-clear message: Gridlock is the least of Americans’ fears; more of Obama’s agenda is the big danger.


There must be a constant, laser-beam focus on Obama’s hard-left radicalism so Americans will enter the voting booth in November fully understanding the gravity of the decision before them.


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