Educator Warns of Public School Socialist Agenda in Recently Released Book

January 9, 2012 10:05

Anyone who watches the headlines knows that war rages in our nation. The liberal agenda to destroy America’s three cornerstones of exceptionalism and to transform our nation into a socialist country grows more blatant by the day. What many parents and educators fail to realize, however, is that this agenda has already gained ground in communities across the fruited plain through an avenue few would expect—our public school system.


Jeffrey Wick, an educator in the public school system for twelve years, has watched the tragedy unfold before his eyes. Pressured by the expectation to meet government requirements, many schools have lowered academic standards and pushed children through the system, leaving them unprepared for the future.

“These students may struggle with reading English,” he writes, “but at least they are learning Russian. . . The fact that some students are given high school diplomas is a farce.”

“Lowering academic standards is just one example of how public schools have failed in their duty,” Wick says.

A secondary fruit of their failure is that many students grow up depending on government for favors and handouts. This attitude plays into the liberal agenda to destroy America’s three cornerstones of exceptionalism and transform our nation into a socialist country. Wick documents this agenda in his new book, “Public Education”, an eye-opening expose that describes the 235-year plan to hijack American democracy, with the modern public education system being a key weapon to achieve this goal.

How exactly do liberals plan to use public schools for this purpose?

“All policies, procedures, initiatives, programs, and regulations in the public school system are intended to increase dependence on the local government,” Wick explains. “The more power the school accumulates, the more services it provides, and the more dependent students, parents, and communities become.”

What happens then, Wick says, is that citizens expect state and federal governments to provide similar services.

“This thinking leads to dependence on government and therefore a socialist country, where people lack the desire to help themselves.”

In addition, Wick shows how the public school system:

  • Attacks family values, Christianity, and American patriotism.
  • Erodes America’s traditions and Christian foundation.
  • Pushes the state religion and a spirit of governmental dependence.
  • Encourages physical, moral, and intellectual weakness.
  • Handicaps students from achieving their full potential.

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