From US boarding school to Al Qaeda suicide bomber

January 19, 2012 06:39

He grew up in a well-off Texas household, attended a pricey boarding school and graduated from one of the state’s most respected universities. … Salam rejected his relatives’ moderate faith and comfortable life, choosing instead a path that led him to work for Al Qaeda. – NDTV


AP from NDTV


“His odyssey ended late last year in a middle-of-the-night explosion in Pakistan. The 37-year-old father of four was dead after paramilitary troops stormed his apartment.


His Nov. 19 death went largely unnoticed in the U.S. and rated only limited attention in Pakistan. But the circumstances threatened to overshadow the work of an American family devoted to religious understanding. And his mysterious evolution presented a reminder of the attraction Pakistan still holds for Islamic militants, especially well-educated Westerners whose Internet and language skills make them useful converts for jihad.”


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