Illegal Immigration – A Huge Campaign Issue; Don’t Ignore It

January 3, 2012 06:56

In the very latest of these alpha ratings for the “2012 Presidential Hopefuls Immigration Stances” not one candidate got the ever-desired pinnacle rating of “A”; however, two of the contestants dropped all the way to the cellar-dwelling and abhorred “F” rating.


By Jerry McConnell


And by all means, don’t let the candidates dance around and over their positions on this very important issue. Many of them would be happy to avoid questions on what they feel about it, but it is big enough to affect every last one of us who are taxpaying citizens of this great country. Those that have avoided major questions on illegal immigration should feel the heat in the Iowa caucuses on this coming Tuesday.




In this connection, I would like to alert the voters of America to a very exceptional website that constantly provides outstanding information regarding one of the very most important issues to all Americans – illegal immigration and where the political forces stand either for or against it. That website is known very simply as “”.




A very large number of my readers are already knowledgeable of this very worthy group of patriots, led by their Executive Director, Roy Beck. In this column, thanks to publication by the highly conservative operators of, I hope to bring attention to many others who have not benefitted from the sage advice and factual information which can be obtained from regular visits to Beck’s site and easily accessible active participation in the efforts to get all of our elected officials informed and involved in what is to me, one of the singly most important issues that directly affects not only the size of our government but government spending, the size of our tax liabilities and the numbers of jobs available, or as is currently country-crippling, the immensely sizeable lack thereof.




The most recent newsletter from Numbers… was published on their website for the “Week of December 30” on the issue, “State Successes Highlight 2011 for NumbersUSA Activists” detailing the facts that 2011 was “a record year for passing state level immigration enforcement legislation.”




The most noteworthy and the toughest enforcement law ever passed was that of HB56 signed into law by Georgia Governor Robert Bentley in June 2011 the website reported. In other less broad enforcement, many other states were also successful. It was also reported that more than 20 other states were active in laws with measures to remove incentives that promoted illegal immigration.




E-verify laws were passed and “beefed up” by several states such as Virginia and Arizona along with Utah, Indiana and Georgia. These passed bills gave police powers to check immigration status including the use of the SAVE (Systematic Alien Verifications for Entitlements) system to check eligibility for public benefits.




An interesting as well as informative feature of the Numbers… website is a graphic chart that gives each of the contentious presidential candidates an alphabetical rating of their stances on the immigration issue from “A” to “F”. In the very latest of these alpha ratings for the “2012 Presidential Hopefuls Immigration Stances” not one candidate got the ever-desired pinnacle rating of “A”; however, two of the contestants dropped all the way to the cellar-dwelling and abhorred “F” rating.




As would be expected, one of the “F” ratings was awarded(?) to the incumbent president, Barack Obama (actually it was an F- minus) while the recipient of the other ‘scarlet’ F letter was bestowed on the candidate who is most likely the very least conservative of all the contestants (save Obama, the only libDem socialist running) Mr. Maverick – Ron Paul. Here are the overall grades given to all the active candidates: B-: M. Bachmann; C-: M. Romney; D: R. Perry; D-: J. Huntsman; D-: N. Gingrich; D-: R. Santorum; F: R. Paul; F-: B. Obama.




The chart and its rating evaluators indicate that Bachman may possibly have been able to secure a coveted “A” rating had she provided answers regarding her positions on issue questions such as: “Reduce Overall Immigration”; “End Chain Migration”; “End Visa Lottery” and two others. She was the only contestant to answer favorably on seven other questions that tripped up the rest of the field.




FYI: President Obama did not answer ANY of the questions favorably showing the standard to be used to score all questions of favorability in opposing illegal immigration.




In other noteworthy state actions that were reported by NumbersUSA on their website, the state of California had plus and a minus. In one, an initiative opposing a law that allows ILLEGAL ALIENS to apply for grants and scholarships at local community colleges and Cal State University systems cleared the legislature and was signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown. Contrarily, an initiative that would invalidate ordinances requiring employers to use E-verify was cleared by the legislature and with Brown’s endorsement. But hey folks, ANY kind of win is a huge plus for the taxpayers in California.




In Indiana legislation requiring state and local government contractors to use E-Verify, creating a tax penalty for businesses that don’t use E-Verify, and requiring use of the SAVE (Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements) program when distributing state welfare benefits passed the Legislature and signed by the Governor.




As other legislative activities are recorded on the NumbersUSA site they will be passed along for your information in case you miss them.

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