Newtclear attack on media continues

January 23, 2012 05:15

Newt doubles down on his media attack. The big loser in South Carolina was the all barack channel (abc) and its communist affiliate CNN. Abc’s last minute “despicable” interview with an ex-wife failed to keep Newt from winning South Carolina and may even have given him a boost when he took on CNN’s John King in the debate over the petty question about the interview.

Here Gingrich reminds David Gregory on Meet the Press that the Obama apology media failed expose the Saul Alinsky philosophy of Obama and how his current polices and decisions continue the Alinsky model of destroying free enterprise and pushing socialism.

Romney refused to call Obama a socialist in a recent interview with Sean Hannity. Republican primary voters want a candidate who will take the fight to Obama. They know that Obama can’t run on his record so his only hope is a vicious personal attack. In 2008 McCain refused to even use Obama’s middle name Hussein for fear of offending the Obama media which was in full campaign support for Obama’s election.

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