No freedom left if EPA wins this case

January 10, 2012 07:59

Somebody at the EPA decided, incorrectly, that the Sacketts’ private property was actually a wetland, so only the federal agency could decide what, if anything, would ever be done on the lot. The bureaucrats then ordered the Sacketts to remove foundation work that had been completed, plus much more. – Washington Examiner


Examiner Editorial | 01/09/12


The EPA’s decree, according to Hyman, directed the Sacketts “to plant new vegetation and specified what to plant (‘native scrub-shrub, broad-leaved deciduous wetlands plants and seeded with native herbaceous plants’) and how to plant (‘approximately 10 feet apart’). Additionally, they were ordered to fence the property, monitor plant growth for three growing seasons and to permit unfettered access to the property by EPA agents.”


Through it all, the EPA fined the Sacketts $37,500 daily for noncompliance with its order (the fines totaled nearly $40 million as the case was argued Monday). Worst of all, EPA claimed in federal district and appellate courts that respecting the couple’s due process rights by granting them judicial review of the order would be a “disservice” to the agency.



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