Obama’s Social Justice Capitalism

January 24, 2012 06:07

[F]rom crony capitalism to vote-buying capitalism, the Obama administration will use any siphoning of taxpayer funds to pump capital where it sees political advantage.  But to leave it at that — self-interest — is to miss the narcissistic sense of moral superiority. – American Thinker


By Jesse Weed at American Thinker



[Obama] uses taxpayer money to inject capital into select firms to help them compete in the supply-demand market.  Their criteria for selection, moreover, are centered not on whether there is a good chance that the firm can prosper and grow on its own, but whether the firm is engaged in fields that further Obama’s vision of environmental justice.


He states that the overarching principle directing his personal and political life is his sense of social justice.


Couple that moral conviction with the ruthlessness of Chicago politics, and you have a potent force.  Add a suave, urbane, and articulate persona, and Obama is a formidable package.

Certainly the Obama administration will stoop to anything to get votes for the next election.  The latest outrageous example is using the U.S. Export-Import bank (taxpayer-funded) to channel funds to attract business to the swing states of North Carolina, Michigan, Ohio, and Virginia.


Moreover, it is a narcissistic sense of moral superiority that is coupled with a disdain for the actual grunt work of implementing his moral vision.  It is an aloof sense of moral superiorityin which he provides the rhetoric and his minions do the work.

Obama may think he is on the right side of morality, but he is on the wrong side of reality.  For Obama the cure is more government, more regulation, more intervention, and less individual freedom.


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