OWS and M.L.K.? No Way — Conservative Black Minister Speaks Out Against Occupy the Dream Events

January 14, 2012 20:31

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Founder and President of BOND Action and The South Central L.A. Tea Party (SCLA TP) is blasting a coalition of liberal black pastors who have teamed up with organizers of the Occupy Wall Street movement for a series of protests labeled “Occupy The Dream.” The first major action is scheduled for Monday, January 16 during the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. Occupy The Dream leaders have put forth the following demands: 1.) Absolute funding of Federal Pell Grants (which, unlike loans, do not have to be repaid); 2.) A moratorium on foreclosures and reparations from banks for “predatory lending” practices; 3.) Lastly, $100 Billion from Wall Street for job training and placement.


“Occupy The Dream is a scam that seeks to rob American taxpayers and exploit Dr. King’s good name,” said Rev. Peterson. “The black ministers taking part in these protests are shameless problem profiteers who have nothing in common with M.L.K. and are clueless about the spiritual aspect of King’s struggle for equality,” added Rev. Peterson.


Occupy The Dream organizers have called on their supporters to leave crutches and other prosthetic devices at the various Federal Reserve offices around the country to show how financial institutions are crippling residents and the economy. Leaders of the scheduled protests include Rev. Ben Chavis, the former head of the NAACP; Rev. Jamal Bryant, of Baltimore’s empowerment Temple Church; and rap mogul Russell Simmons.


Rev. Peterson said, “Occupy The Dream is a political tool of the Democratic Party organized to motivate entitlement minded blacks to show up to vote for Obama. It’s time for the Democrat Party and their godless surrogates, i.e.: liberal black pastors, labor union leaders, and OWS organizers to stop trying to co-opt Dr. King’s legacy.”

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