Refocus: It’s Obama

January 12, 2012 05:33

Under Romney’s emerald-green sweater needs to be a warrior’s spirit and — dare we say — a taste for blood.  Romney has to go after Mr. Obama like a pit bull and, once he clamps down on Mr. Obama’s boney wrist or ankle, not let go.


By J. Robert Smith at American Thinker


… grassroots conservatives and their GOP establishment brethren need to join hands and return to the idea that the coming election is a referendum on Mr. Obama.  An up-or-down vote on our left-leaning, European socialist-loving chief executive …


how about answering this question: “Are Americans — and the nation generally — worse off than four years ago?”  If Rasmussen’s right track/wrong track numbers are any indication, the answer to the last question is overwhelmingly “yes.”


For the coming election, the economy is all-important (unless or until there’s a foreign crisis).  In fact, the economy is the driver throughout the 2012 election cycle.  Romney needs to awaken mornings thinking about what he’s going to say about the economy, talk about it all day long on the campaign trail, and go to bed at night thinking — you guessed it — about the economy and his next angle to convince voters that four more years of the dour Mr. Obama is a catastrophe in the making.


“Imagine,” Romney should say to audiences, “giving Barack Obama four more years in the White House with nothing to lose.”  And then Romney could supplement his scenario with a litany of Mr. Obama’s harmful policies.


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