Rubio Rips Obama’s State Of The Union

January 25, 2012 06:06

“We are now three years into this presidency and there are no plans to save social security, there’s still no plan to save Medicare, there’s still no serious plan to reduce the national debt. none of these things have been addressed. And there are no plans to incentivize job creators. …I don’t think that ever in modern American history have we ever seen a national leader so blatantly try to divide Americans against each other, stand up before the country and basically say that the only way that some of us can be better off is to make other people worse off. That the only way some of us can progress is by making sure that other people have less money.”

“After three losing seasons people start tuning you out no matter how great your locker room speeches are. So locker room speeches are great but you gotta go out and play the game. This president has had three years of his presidency. This is not some guy that just took over. He’s been in charge for three years. Two of those three years he could have anything he wanted from congress. his party controlled the House and the Senate. … What we got is failure and now we’re all paying the price for that.”



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