Why the Left Fears You

January 3, 2012 07:07

The Norwegians gave him a Nobel Peace Prize just for getting elected, but they should have given him an Academy Award.  This is world-class conmanship.  Behind the scenes he’s more arrogant than ever. – American Thinker


By James Lewis at American Thinker


Obama is himself a grand deception. He used to look arrogant beyond belief, but now he’s humble, wearing Jimmy Carter sweaters, sitting all alone in a baseball stadium munching a hot dog, and leaning back on his “family couch” next to Michelle, with the television cameras taking a narrow angle as if they’re sitting crowded together in a double-wide trailer. (Like the rest of us).


They are very, very insecure in their hold on power. Watch for the 2012 election to be unusually bloody, because the current political/media class is teetering. When the New York Times‘ staff goes into open revolt against their Crony Media Bosses you know there’s turmoil in the ranks.

All of which means both a great crisis and a great opportunity for mainstream America. A second Obama term could flip the country leftward for years to come. Mark Steyn argues that a second term will implant the shark hook of ObamaCare firmly into the body politic, turning us into the United States of Europe. Europe has crippled its military to pay for the welfare state. Instead, they always expect us to defend them, as we have done for sixty years.

But if we go Eurosocialist, who will defend us? Nobody will.


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