Allen West – Congressional King of Twitter

February 22, 2012 20:17

With over 70,000 followers on Twitter Rep. West is congress’ Twitter king. Check him out on Twitter @AllenWest.

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Some of Rep. Allen West’s recent Tweets:


Allen West @AllenWest

To my delight there seems to be lost liberals who constantly follow me around to make mischief…

11:17 AM – 22 Feb 12 via web · Details

Our small businesses are hurting, my event today in S. Fla showed them how to better connect with Federal contracts

Looking forward to my town hall events this week in South Florida

American entrepreneurship is extremely low due to the President’s anti-business policies, read more

Obama’s gas-price spike… My recommendation to Pres Obama, pass House Energy Bill and stop wasting taxpayer dollars

S. Fla small business owners learn how to ‘Get in on the Game’ of federal contracts, tomorrow at event in Jupiter:

just did Ft Lauderdale 1/2 Marathon, 2 hrs 7 mins, pace of 9:43, 1st race as 51 yr. old. Congrats 2 everyone, more:

Heading to Fl from DC for weekend. Running in Ft. Lauderdale 1/2 Marathon Sunday am along beach. This old soldier is going to do his best!

Hidden fees on American homebuyers: why I voted No on today’s payroll tax deal

S. Fl Small Businesses will have better access to Federal contracts after Tuesday’s mtg in Jupiter, Fl learn more:

I’m on Fox News 2nite w/ Greta 10:20 est talking about my speech on the house floor last night. video speech here:

“Republicans’ Proud History of Standing Up for African-Americans”hope you’ll watch my speech celebrating Black History

No surprise here: Health Costs, Gov’t Regulations Curb Small Business Hiring according to Gallup pole.

A year ago we were told to celebrate a movement called the Arab Spring. Many pointed to deposing of Hosni Mubarak…

New payroll tax cut seems great but really is backdoor tax increase on home buyers disguised in hidden mortgage fees

I’ll be on CNN 8 am est explaning why I am disappointed in the new payroll tax extension and why the homeowner will foot the bill

I can’t in good faith vote for new payroll tax extension b/c just as before it’s paid for by homeowners! Please watch

A walk down memory lane and a look into the future…all in my weekly wrap-up, read:

President is wrong again and completely out of touch with how to create jobs and turn this economy around, read

Listening to Pres 2013 budget speech, he is once again promising everything to everyone & becomming less credible

Thank you CPAC 2012! What an amazing day seeing all of you Patriots yesterday! Here’s my entire speech:

With everything else that deserves true Presidential attention, why this? Immaculate Contraception? read

President Obama’s attitude towards the Catholic Church is disrespectful, shameful, read:

The Danger of a Nation of Dependents and the “safety net” turning into a “hammock”, read my blog today

We’re certainly finding out the details of the late night approved government intrusion into healthcare….

What is fair? It is inherent that every American ask that question of themselves..

How can anyone argue US hasn’t gotten significantly worse since Obama took over, the numbers just don’t lie:

Your mortgage will increase with gov’t tax refund- negating break all together: watch my exclusive w/ CBS here:

Here is today’s comparative history lesson for America…

How did black employment supposedly improve 3 times the national average? I’m concerned about truth of job #’s today

Why the US-Israel relationship is unique and critical: please read my op-ed in today’s Jerusalem Post

Today’s news about the unemployment rate going down to 8.3% is great news…

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it…

Today as we are a nation facing great challenges, let us not forget the lesson of faith from 2 February 1943…

A lot to talk about 2-nite. I’m on Sean Hannity Fox News 10:30 pm est. Shedding light on Florida primary and my election

Equality of Opportunity vs Equality of Achievement, Face the Nation interview & pics from 1/2 Marathon, weekly wrap up

Speaking in Miami “Offshore Drilling Cuba & the Bahamas: U.S. Coast Guard’s Oil Spill Readiness & Response Planning”

Major red flags for Pentagon plan to slash our military. Doesn’t take into account dangers of modern world! Is this really a strategy?

Under Pres Obama, price of gas jumps 83%, ground beef 24%, bacon 22%. read this:


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