Baltimore Has Decided Some Neighborhoods Just Aren’t Worth Saving

February 24, 2012 05:39

The vacant streets are punctuated by the odd meticulously kept home, a living city slowly turning into a ghost town. – Business Insider


Yepoka Yeebo at Business Insider


In Baltimore the wrecks stretch for blocks in every direction. Shattered windows, buckling walls, sometimes just a façade, propped up by the houses on either side.


As Baltimore faces a $52 million budget shortfall, there is a more urgent need than ever to deal with the vacant homes, which still require public services like fire and police patrol.


The numbers vary depending on who’s counting, but the highest estimates suggest there are 46,800 vacant houses and lots in Baltimore — 16 percent of the city’s residences. Around 16,000 actual vacant houses are registered with the city, many owned by people who just walked away, leaving the city to clean up the mess and eventually seize them in tax foreclosures.


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