Obama Adds Illegal Alien Advocate to ICE

February 9, 2012 07:06

This new position reflects the Obama administration’s open-borders policy on immigration. It just won’t say so out loud. Rather than dismantling ICE or offering a blanket amnesty, Obama’s creating an illegal alien advocate inside ICE, undercutting its very mission. – IBD


IBD Editorial


If anything shows how ever-expanding government works at cross-purposes, it’s the Obama administration’s newly named post of “public advocate” for illegal aliens. What part of “illegal” don’t they understand?


Why not have a bank robber’s advocate at the FBI?

Four faulty premises lay at the root of the absurdity.

… For all President Obama’s syrupy talk about public service, ICE has been turned into a public enemy.


…. The advocate twists ICE’s mission to customer service, as if lawbreakers needed that.


Now they’ve got another advocate inside the U.S. government, paid for by you. With that kind of coddling, it’s just another reason to keep crossing our border.



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