Obama’s Maddening, Winning Speech

February 2, 2012 05:10

Proposing to replace his own bad economy with a virtual substitute “built to last” allows Mr. Obama to place himself outside the White House and on the street making common cause with the genuine economic anxieties of the American people. It also lets this president put in motion what he thinks he knows best—empathy. – WSJ


By DANIEL HENNINGER at The Wall Street Journal


It could work. If we know nothing else about Barack Obama it is that he can play “hope” like a Stradivarius. The version of “An Economy Built to Last” that he performed at Intel is his concerto for re-election.

The Obama-Axelrod-Plouffe team knows that the Republicans instinctively will respond by quoting, endlessly, the poor economic data of the Obama years. They plan to turn this reality on its head as well.


The GOP is appealing, as its candidates so often do, to the American brain. Barack Obama is happy to be left by himself, going for their hearts. If he wins, the Republican will wail at the unfairness, irrationality and illogic of what beat them.


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