Obama’s Road Map to Ruin – the Budget

February 14, 2012 08:08

[Obama’s] budget is a colossal monument to irresponsibility, continuing a deficit-fueled spending spree that will take the country ever closer to fiscal ruin. – IBD


From Investor’s Business Daily


What do you call a budget that boosts spending $227 billion, adds $329 billion to an already huge deficit, and does nothing to fix the entitlement crisis?


But his own budget numbers show he barely makes a scratch in overall entitlement spending, trimming a tiny $23 billion over the next decade compared with his “baseline” projections.

By doing so, Obama ignored the warnings of every serious budget expert — including his own bipartisan debt commission — that without meaningful entitlement reforms the nation’s fiscal crisis will never be resolved. In fact, Obama has categorically ruled out any serious entitlement reform ideas.


If this is what Obama considers being responsible, is it any wonder the country is in such dire straits?


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