Persistent Questions About the Future of the US Economy

February 1, 2012 08:08

As time goes by, more and more groups get special privileges, contracts, jobs, tax breaks, bailouts, protections and redistributions. Eventually, there are more insiders collecting wealth than there are outsiders producing it. Then, reform is practically impossible.


By Bill Bonner at The Daily Reckoning


Can any government in the developed world survive? Will there be enough growth to keep them from going broke? Was the growth of the post-war period a fluke? Was the Industrial Era driven entirely by cheap energy…a ‘growth spurt’ that is now played out? Are the developed economies so burdened by zombie institutions that they can never hope to compete with the emerging markets? How do governments shuck off the zombies?


Those questions gave us something to think about.


Government is raw force…used to transfer wealth and status to the insiders who control it. The reason for the triumph of democratic government is that it gives more people the illusion of power…and welcomes more people as insiders (however modest their participation).


Politicians may talk about cutting spending, balancing the budget, and protecting the nation’s finances. But they can’t do it.




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