“Welcome to Sustainable City”

February 16, 2012 11:47

Nobody can escape now being “green” and “sustainable.” It is the progressives’ religion, “green” is the new Marxism.


By Ileana Johnson Paugh

As I walked through Washington, D.C. Ronald Reagan National Airport Terminal C on my way to the gate, a large electronic billboard caught my attention. It was so large that my cell camera could not capture the entire surface. It was a touch screen with the Siemens Corporation logo, announcing, “Welcome to Sustainable City.” (http://www.usa.siemens.com/sustainable-cities/)


Capturing the site on my iphone, the typical fare of environmentalism popped up, presenting Siemens as the leader in “sustainable development,” “green buildings,” “intelligent buildings,” “smart grid,” “sustainable urban development,” “sustainable communities,” “environmental care,” and health care.


As our environment and neighborhoods get “smart,” “sustainable,” and “green” around us, we seem to become less intelligent, more gullible, and willing to accept euphemistic schemes of power and control over our lives.


Familiar with the UN Agenda 21 propaganda and its buzzwords preceded either by “sustainable” or “green” everything, in the name of saving the planet from human behavior, a clever and devious attempt to control every facet of human activity and life, I stopped immediately.


Three touch screen icons inside the billboard displayed games:


–          Green Building Challenge

–          Urban Mobility Challenge

–          eCar Charging Challenge


The latest attempt to indoctrinate and propagandize “Green Growth” and demonize urban sprawl as well as fossil fuels, stated, “Like most cities around the world, it’s growing at an incredible rate: But there are already ways it’s becoming more lasting, livable, and prosperous. See if you can make the city more sustainable.”


My first thought was, of course, that few of the buildings we have built in modern times are that lasting. Europeans can name thousands of beautiful structures that are hundreds of years old. Italians have a couple of Coliseums from the Roman Empire that have survived many earthquakes and are still standing in Rome and Verona. They may not look perfect since thieves who had built their marble palaces and churches had dismantled large chunks over centuries, but they had endured without clever schemes or protection from the “sustainable” crowd.


The game, Urban Mobility Challenge, invited the player to put as many people as possible in public transportation (trains). If the player failed in a timed period, the streets filled to capacity with cars and he/she lost the game. Disgusted with the overt and not so subtle propaganda, I stopped playing the other two games.


A sinking feeling of dread overcame me when I realized the pervasiveness of UN Agenda 21 indoctrination at every level of society without Americans taking much notice. People were passing by the billboard as if it was another advertisement.  To them, it was just a nice way to save the planet from the “irrational” behavior of humans who are going to destroy Mother Earth with their daily living if not told by “progressives” what to do in order to rectify it.


By now, every facet of human life and activity has a “sustainability” or “smart growth” plan. It must make Maurice Strong and his environmental/”progressive” fellow travelers from third world nations very happy. In the past fifty years, they have been feverishly and doggedly, devising, planning, and implementing thousands of ways to capture the wealth of first nations and re-distribute it through clever schemes, initiatives, and “programmes” to third world countries. In spite of writings by “Agenders” like me, domestic and international “progressives” have been very successful, nearing the completion of their “smart growth” dream of total control of our lives and resources, thanks to Americans who are asleep and blissfully uninformed.


I see more and more evidence of UN Agenda 21 irreversible success. The United Nations is not the bumbling idiotic organization that Americans believe it to be. Nobody can escape now being “green” and “sustainable.” It is the progressives’ religion, “green” is the new Marxism.


How did we possibly survive for thousands of years in the absence of “sustainability” agendas, plans, initiatives, and bureaucracies, without progressives telling us what to do? Apparently, we are doomed unless we do what the wise UN says.


Here it was, United Nations pushing mass transit, the abandonment of conventional cars, the forced acceptance of electric cars that catch on fire and nobody wants to buy, in a clever electronic touch screen game intended to appeal to the young generation of Americans who are easily brainwashed into compliance, done with the generous advertising dollars of Siemens, a German corporation.


While on the plane, I was flipping through the glossy passenger magazine. The CEO was talking about “creating a sustainable future” with Eco-Skies, their commitment to “reduce the impact on the environment in the air.”


In November 2011, “United operated the first commercial flight in the U.S. powered by biofuel.” While the effort is laudable, the CEO admits that “biofuels need to be both scalable and salable (producible in large quantities at a price comparable to traditional hydrocarbons) to be successful commercially.” “I’m proud of our initial steps to help improve the capabilities of this environmentally friendly fuel source.”


I wondered about the reduced food supply and the high price of corn that people around the world had to pay because of shortages created by the use of corn as biofuel.


The government is imposing values held dear by “progressives” onto the majority of Americans such as diet, living quarters, exercise, sex, transportation, Mother Earth religion, property rights, health care, abortion, land use, and redefinition of marriage. It is our objections, our resistance, and our non-compliance with their dictates that outrages “progressives.”


“Do what we want, there will be no fuss, and we will not try to squash you.” “Progressives” are the true aggressors in the culture wars and they seem to be winning. At some point, measures that are more forceful will be used to override our objections and the will of the people. The gentle persuasion of now will disappear.


Executive orders and regulations by non-government organizations will be replaced by re-interpretations of the law without due process, rule making, orders, and decrees of public-private partnerships with no opportunity for redress.




Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh ( Romanian Conservative) is a freelance writer (usACTIONnews.com, Canada Free Press, Romanian Conservative), author, radio commentator, and speaker. Her book, “Echoes of Communism, is available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle. Short essays describe health care, education, poverty, religion, social engineering, and confiscation of property. Visit her website, ileanajohnson.com.

Dr. Johnson can be reached at: ileana1959@gmail.com


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