$341 million illegal loan to Dem supporting union

March 4, 2012 17:15

The Obama administration has awarded $341 million in loans to the Freelancers Union—a small organization with deep progressive ties whose board members have donated more than $11,000 to Democrats—despite a law suggesting the union should not be eligible for such a loan. – Washington Free Beacon


BY: at The Washington Free Beacon


The federal loan is nearly three times the group’s $120 million annual budget.

The board of directors of the Freelancers Union has given at least $11,700 in political donations between 2007 and 2011, all to Democrats.

Questions have been raised as to the legality of the loan to the Freelancers Union.


The Freelancers Union was founded by Sara Horowitz, an activist with an extensive pedigree in the labor and progressive movement, in 2003.


Horowitz and Barack Obama, then an Illinois state senator, served together as advisers for the George Soros-funded think tank Demos. Van Jones, who would serve a brief term as President Obama’s Green Jobs Czar before resigning in disgrace, was also an adviser for Demos.


“These grants/loans reek of political payola as one group, the Saul Alinsky-affiliated, Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative of Wisconsin was formed in August, 2011 just three short months prior to applying for the taxpayer money,” Americans For Limited Government president Bill Wilson said in a statement.


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