How we win our country back

March 22, 2012 14:27

Don’t be the frog slowly boiling in the Obama water…jump out and fight for your country.


By Dr. Laurie Roth


Here is how we win our country back in spades.  First everyone must decide NOT to compromise any further  No —  to the UN Constitutional assaults and tyrannical positioning of controls on the People.  Make up your minds to start drawing lines in the sand everywhere.  Your country is being taken over and destroyed from within…get it?


The NDAA Bill is law now,  and now Obama signs an executive order to declare Marshall law whenever he wants.  Forget your Miranda rights or any rights for that matter – your military can now be turned on you,  swoop you away without charges and hold you indefinitely somewhere just because Obama says you are a threat of some kind.


Obama also signed an aviation Bill, allowing 30,000 Drones of all sizes to fly all over our country.  These are for surveillance and can be armed.  It is so much easier to take people out from the air don’t ya think?  Walking through the park just thinking about the drones overhead inspires me.  How can I notice the mountain scape or beautiful sun reflecting off the lake when the spy drone and gun are aiming up and down the street.


I must shut out the intrusion stress of the drone and think of something more enlightening like the soon to be forced RFID chip in my body.  Let’s have a moment of silence.


Decide that you refuse to live in Cuba,  Iran or Nazi Germany.  We live in the United States of America,  a free Republic, built on Judeo Christian values,  freedom and exceptionalism.  Even with our imperfections we have been and still are a light on a hill to the world and the ONLY Christian nation in the world left.  We cannot and must not die.


Realize that since the beginning of our existence,  the rising power of America, her freedoms and Christian values have been nothing but a threat to the wanna be dictators and crowd that does not submit to the God of the Holy Bible and freedom.   Freedom for the people means less power for the leaders and diffused and ‘accountable’ power in our country.  That concept of ‘spread out power’ will always be at odds with controlling ideologies,  such as Sharia Law,  Communism,  global elitism and the one world Government crowd that wants to steal and redistribute our wealth and earnings.  Oh yeah,  that is already here with Obama and his crew.


We must work together to crush the NDAA Bill,  stop drones from spying on us,  say no to forced RFID chips in your body,  NO NO NO to anything more that violates our Rights as people and our Constitution.


Wake your Representatives and Senators up with endless pressure…phone calls,  faxes,  emails, meetings – Put powerful, consistent and in your face pressure on them regarding votes and bills.  No longer can we watch over coffee from afar off.


Don’t be the frog slowly boiling in the Obama water…jump out and fight for your country.  I am running as an outsider to be your President. Join me on this mission to take our country back.  Listen in each day at:

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