It’s Romney by a length, race over

March 29, 2012 03:57

A sneak attack at the convention, the plan that Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum are counting on to win the Republican presidential nomination, is far-fetched in the eyes of state party officials who say that Mitt Romney will be nominated even if he goes into the convention with only a plurality of delegates. – Washington Times


By Seth McLaughlinThe Washington Times


Steve Duprey, ….. said it is a “fantasy” to think that delegates at the convention will coalesce around someone other than Mr. Romney ……

…. “Gov. Romney will win even if he goes in with less than a majority, in my view. I think the primaries have shown that neither Sen. Santorum nor Speaker Gingrich can appeal to independents and moderates, and delegates to the convention will know that.”

Robert T. Bennett, a national committeeman from Ohio, likened the strategy to the approach of Don Quixote, the “mad” knight from Spanish literature.

Santorum and Newt will try to figure out a strategy to stop him,” Mr. Bennett said. “I just think they are tilting at windmills.”


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