Obama versus the Democrats

March 19, 2012 04:52

Obama was perfect for the rebirth of radical Regressivism, sure to continue punishing minorities. “We will have them n*ggers voting Democrats for 200 years!” – LBJ.


By Kevin Jackson at American Thinker


Kevin Jackson

Obama wanted to play president, not be president.  And the real Barack Obama is anything but a confident, competent winner.

Some of those who did not support Obama tried to sound the warning bell about Obama’s severe lack of…well, everything necessary for a president to succeed.  Obama lacked experience, and he continues to lack character, integrity, and a love of the America that has taken over 200 years to build.


The scary thing for Democrats is they went all in on Obama.  They spent so much time propping up their puppet, believing that style would prevail over substance.  But Obama failed miserably, ….


The walls surrounding Obama are crumbling from within.


A recent poll has Obama dropping by 12 points with women — repeat, women!


Obama wants America to believe that he is the Fossil Fuel President.

…Obama has said publicly that he wants to destroy the coal industry.  He publicly battles with “Big Oil” dirty revenue, and he wouldn’t allow the Keystone Pipeline to happen or allow drilling on federal land …


Editor’s note: Kevin Jackson is National Spokesman for TheTeaParty.net, an author and publisher of The Black Sphere website.


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