The “Limits” of Economic Progress

March 12, 2012 05:56

Mankind is not running out of resources. Mankind is running out of freedom. Governments around the world are controlling, restricting, and regulating the actions of individuals. Governments are preventing individuals from using the resources that are known, and government are preventing new resources from being discovered. – Capitalism Magazine


at Capitalism Magazine


Today, we hear dire predictions that we are running out of oil and must develop renewable energy sources.

These predictions have at several things in common: they never come true, they are accompanied with calls for increased government control of the economy and our lives, and they involve a gross evasion of both historical and philosophical facts. (Malthus might be excused on this last point, as he wrote at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.)

In his book, The Population Bomb, Ehrlich suggested numerous measures to curtail population growth:


He proposes a powerful Department of Population and Environment which “should be set up with the power to take whatever steps are necessary to establish a reasonable population size in the United States and to put an end to the steady deterioration of our environment.”


Legislation should be enacted guaranteeing the right to an abortion, and sex education should be expanded.


…. the Environmental Protection Agency has almost unlimited powers regarding land use and development. Combined with the powers of the Food and Drug Administration (not to mention the various other federal agencies, such as the IRS) to dictate what we may and may not put into our bodies, the federal government has almost complete control over our lives.




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