After four years of “cool” pres is your life better?

April 26, 2012 14:57

The collective brain freeze that resulted in Obama gives little hope for real change. Even with record people on food stamps, record poverty levels, record debt, record unemployment, and record government spending Obama is still popular with the brainwashed youth of America. He slickly pitches himself as anti-establishment while bringing Chicago style corrupt politics to the national stage.

He promised to cut the debt, make us energy independent, end the racial divide, have a transparent government and stop the rising seas. (Yes he even said that) He has given the youth of America a debt they cannot repay, a dismal job future, and $4.00 a gallon gas. He will have increased the debt more in his first four years than all other presidents combined.

His divisive politics of envy and entitlement have worsened race relations. His justice department is racially biased. He reopened a USDA discrimination case and added a billion dollars to fraudulent claims.

He has given over $16 billion to “green” companies that have ties to campaign contributors. He gave over $50 billion to unions that helped him get elected. His “green” Utopian dreams have resulted in $14 million per permanent wind power job, a solar project that cost $50 million for ten jobs, and almost a dozen companies that have gone bankrupt leaving taxpayers holding the empty bag. In more than one case the hundreds of millions have ended up benefiting foreign companies.

As Harry Truman said ‘Blessed are the youg for they shall inherit the national debt.”

Instead of “preezy of the united steezy” he should be called preezy of the united sleazy.


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