Individual versus the state theme drives “The Hunger Games” to $500 million

April 19, 2012 08:21

We are governed by the Obama administration, which incessantly, and all too successfully, seeks to dictate nearly every aspect of American life, including our most fundamental choices in cars, insurance, banks, food, energy and medicine. The movie’s themes seem sampled from the President’s ubiquitous campaign speeches and media appearances: the brotherhood of man—a moral duty to serve the state—the slogan that “we’re all in this together” as an excuse to sacrifice the one for the sake of the many. – Capitalism Magazine



By at Capitalism Magazine


There’s also another similarity of this work of art to life. In The Hunger Games, as in Washington, D.C., “the Capitol” is filled with pampered, power-drunk dilettantes.


its power lies in a subtle grasp of what government control does to decent people. Americans subjected to—and forced to pay for—corruption in Congress, the GSA and the Secret Service, and besieged by the TSA and the IRS, may recognize in The Hunger Games a dark world that mirrors our own.

… – acceptance of the idea that one’s moral duty is service to the state – may resonate with people fed up with three years of being treated like a serf in Obama’s Big Government onslaught.


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