Judiciary up for grabs in presidential election

April 24, 2012 06:06

[T]his year’s election is a two-fer: as goes the presidency, so goes the federal judiciary — including, most likely, control of the Supreme Court. – Daily Caller


By at The Daily Caller


Judicial nominations ordinarily are nearly invisible as a campaign issue, yet they are among the most consequential and enduring decisions a president makes. For three reasons, the power to control those nominations is more important now than ever.


First, federal judges are invested with lifetime tenure, the value of which has increased along with life expectancy.


… the Court’s balance is up for grabs.


uring the next administration, three justices — conservatives Kennedy and Scalia and liberal Ginsburg — will reach their 80s. Whoever wins the presidency likely will have the chance either to strengthen the Court’s conservative majority or shift the balance to the left.


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