Race-Baiting in the Era of Obama

April 13, 2012 05:58

While we expect the likes of Al Sharpton to crawl out from under their rock and ramp up the hateful rhetoric whenever a race-baiting opportunity arises, we do not expect the attorney general to publicly praise Sharpton  – American Thinker


By Lauri B. Regan at American Thinker


Alas, racial tension in this country is not new.  What is new is having a president who, for political gain and selfish ideological reasons, is instigating a racial divide that has not been seen for decades.  In order to ignite a passion in his base, Obama is intentionally taking this country back to the Civil Rights Era, when violence in the streets was commonplace.


In a healthy society, …., Obama would denounce Sharpton for the agitator that he is.


… our leaders revel in resentment, and our citizens are divided.  We are divided because we have a president who is angry and hostile, juvenile and racist, ideological, narcissistic, and power-hungry.


The Obama administration’s empowerment of black rebellion began at the very start of his presidency, has grown exponentially since then, and can be seen in all sorts of machinations across the country.



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