The Decline of Greenism

April 16, 2012 04:32

The loss of political support for the environmentalism reflects the disgust of conservatives today, and this is based upon three distinct failures: (1) the Green rejection of common sense and market operations, (2) worship of dirt replacing stewardship of Creation,  and (3) the willingness of Greenies to win arguments through unsavory means. – American Thinker


By Bruce Walker at American Thinker


(1) Conservatives grasp that living in the real world requires common sense and a grasp of market forces.  Flushing the toilet too much is wasteful, but flushing the toilet only once a day threatens health as well as comfort.  Recycling aluminum makes economic sense, but recycling everything is dumb.


Green radicals who attack reasonable and good Americans, who know much more about the outdoors than Al Gore will ever know, display not an interest in nature, but instead another less pleasant motive.


(3) Conservatives have learned that academia and taxpayer-sponsored research have been overrun with infestations of leftists with no interest in objective study.  Climategate is, perhaps, the most notorious example, but the very disappearance of what were once called in academia “schools of thought” is a more sinister general condition.  Anyone in any discipline who wants tenure, grants, and other perks of pampered pseudo-science  must toe the line of party leftism.


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