Desperate Dems Threaten Chief Justice Roberts on ObamaCare Ruling

May 24, 2012 04:06

Senator Leahy (D-VT) demanded that Chief Justice Roberts vote to uphold Obamacare while speaking on the senate floor. Leahy is the head of the senate judiciary committee and this is considered a warning shot to the Justices deciding the Healthcare law. What an arrogant prig.

Democrats coerced, threatened and bribed to get Obamacare passed. They know that it is the linchpin of socialism. It is designed to bankrupt the insurance industry and usher in government run socialized medicine. With that it place the government can control every aspect of your life. The food you eat, the sports you play, the car you drive, how much you weigh all effect your health. Just look at the dictatorial demand by HHS for Catholic institutions to provide contraception and abortion pills for free to all employees. In Democrat controlled cities you have salt bans, trans fat bans and even smoking in your own car is banned. Higher taxes are being considered on soda. What’s next banning sugar?

One poor child even had his lunch confiscated by the food police at school because they said it didn’t contain enough vegetables. Can we afford to give up so much freedom to unelected bureaucrats? Can we stand four more years of this thugocracy? It’s time to send arrogant clowns like Sen. Leahy home to whine away their last days where they can do less damage.

Jay Sekulow appeared on Fox News speaking about Senator Leahy’s threat directed at Chief Justice Roberts:




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