Discouraged Democrat Voters May Mean Historic Sweep for GOP

May 15, 2012 06:32

Those eager to vote in 2012, and those who have already shown up in big numbers to vote in primaries, strongly suggest that the a political day of reckoning for Democrats is nigh. – American Thinker



By Bruce Walker at American Thinker


In the first place, Rasmussen, which polls likely voters, has shown for years now that a huge chunk of Americans “strongly disapprove” of the job Obama is doing.  On May 10, for example, more than twice as many Americansstrongly disapproved of Obama’s job performance as “strongly approve” of the job he is doing.

Gallup in March showed an enthusiasm-gap edge that Republicans had over Democrats of 53% to 45%.  This is particularly important because Rasmussen, on a month-by-month poll, shows consistently that more Americans call themselves Republican than Democrat.


One datum alone cannot predict a general election, but primary news that is starkly bad for Obama and Democrats ….. may add up to a quietly growing, almost invisible electoral tsunami.  We may see not just Obama swept out of office — Democrats in congressional and state races have much to fear as well.


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