EPA Head Should Roll

May 2, 2012 04:56

These remarks reflect a level of contempt for the American people that pervades the entire Obama administration, … – American Thinker



By Jeffrey Folks at American Thinker


Armendariz’s comments, …… reflect a tyrannical and authoritarian mindset that permeates the agency.



Obama’s appointees are all too willing to resort to high-handed, extralegal tactics in support of what they view as overriding priorities of social and environmental justice.  In doing so, they have become tyrants who act in the manner of Roman generals marching into defenseless villages, seizing the “first five guys,” and crucifying them just for sport.

The president’s support of this tyrannical behavior is proof that Obama also views himself as a bit of a Roman — not a Roman general, to be sure, but an emperor, a Nero or Caligula.  His continuing support of Attorney General Eric Holder, despite evidence that Holder may have lied under oath in connection with Fast and Furious, suggests that the president’s view of American citizens as small-town boobs “clinging to their guns and religion” has not changed.  Obama’s entire administration, from the top down, displays this contempt for the American heartland, its citizens, and its businesses.


 Editors note: The radical EPA crucifier exposes Obama’s real energy policies. Obama promised he would make electricity rates “skyrocket”, appointed an energy secretary that WANTED higher gas prices “like those in Europe”, has REDUCED drilling permits on federal areas by 36% and has issued regulations which are shutting down coal plants that supply 60% of American electricity. Krauthammer warns that this is just the beginning if Obama gets a second term. Four more years of economic suicide?



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