Obama and Hunger Games Wisdom

May 1, 2012 08:31

In 2008, Barack Obama understood the Hunger Games president’s wisdom. In 2012, he has abandoned it, because his dismal record leaves him little choice.


By at American Spectator



… voters in 2008 had some sense of hope for the future, that things would get better, …. Now, despite that promise, current economic indicators and optimism about the future are stagnant, and uncertainty about the next regulatory or tax shoe to drop keeps potential job creators on the sidelines.


As Donald Sutherland, playing the president in the movie ​The Hunger Games noted ominously, “Hope is the only thing stronger than fear.” If he is correct, and America’s 2008 election results suggest some political validity in his statement, then few things will be more powerful in 2012 than the disappointment of a hope unfulfilled.


Barack Obama instills in many Americans the opposite of hope: the sense that we are being governed by a man (and his various henchmen and henchwomen) who, whether due to ideology or incompetence, cannot or will not implement the pro-growth policies needed to bring us out of our current economic morass.


… it’s hard to campaign on hope when fear is really all you have left to work with.



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